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Unstoppable. Vibrant. You.

Trust your instincts, you’ve got a dream to realize! You’e ready to use your many talents to live up to your potential without sacrificing anything you deeply value. 

Let’s face it, society’s expectations are not always a match for what gives you meaning (not to mention how little they account for your well-being). Your heart and head are battling. Following one at the expense of the other is wearing you out.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that things will be better in the future when a different set of circumstances unfolds, yet, the thought of waiting leaves you feeling like you’re selling out on precious time. 

If any of this resonates, I’m about to bring the hope! You can:

  • have the success and vibrancy you desire;
  • honor all of your values simultaneously; and 
  • be who you want without needing others’ approval…                                                           

…sooner than you think, for as long as you choose.

These are bold claims. And, I’ve experienced this result and seen it in my clients time and again!

Coaching for Powerful, Lasting Change

empower coaching model

I offer personal coaching based on effective, evidence-based methods that yield powerful and lasting transformation.

My signature EMPOWER coaching program is a proven step-by-step process to create the changes you want in your life.

Take a look at the general process below, and yes! the steps are fully customizable to your needs and agenda.

You’ll start by defining your ELEVATED VISION for yourself and life. With my support, you’ll bring this vision clearly into focus and ensure that your core values are reflected in your vision and goals.

You’ll surface what matters most in your life, assess how closely your current life reflects your ideal and be increasingly inspired to live your most-authentic, successful, joy-filled life.


With renewed inspiration for what’s possible, you’ll learn to remove any mental blocks keeping you from your dreams. You’ll be amazed at how much is truly within your influence, especially as you strengthen your MINDSET to support your vision.

You will experience a massive jolt in your personal empowerment as you find and eliminate beliefs and associated habits holding you back from what you desire.

In this process, you’ll become deeply connected with your PURPOSE, your “why.” A clearly defined purpose for your vision is key for motivation. 

Knowing your “why” keeps you focused on your vision, especially when you experience inevitable setbacks. It bolsters your resilience and enhances meaning in your life. 

With a clearly defined vision and purpose, you’ll leverage your renewed mindset to uncover OPPORTUNITIES for creating the changes you desire. 

You’ll connect with your strengths and the abundance of resources available to support your growth and goals.

And, you’ll expand your ability to find and create opportunities that support your vision.

Expression of your WHOLE-SELF is the main ingredient for creating powerful, lasting change. You’ll learn who you are at your core and how to leverage your unique combination of strengths, traits and interests to be increasingly effective and fulfilled. 

As you honor all of who you are, you’ll generate momentum and energy to live your best life and expand in joy.

You’ll learn how to access all the information in your body and mind to be confident that the choices you make are fully aligned with what you want and need.

Throughout this process, you’ll identify and take EFFECTIVE ACTION to create the change you desire. Small actions taken consistently have big results. You’ll continually take actions that you’ve designed in alignment with your needs and that are structured to have high probability of success. 

You’ll continually be moving forward!

You’ll establish how you want to be held accountable for completing your stated actions.

You’ll continually refine your process as you learn which actions are effective at yielding your desired RESULTS.

There are so many personal development strategies out there and so much advice on achieving success. You’ll discover which strategies work for you and how you may need to adapt these strategies or develop new ones to get the results you want with the greatest ease. 

In addition to getting the results you want now, you’ll learn how to recreate this process in your life and confidently create desired changes on your own going forward.

At the conclusion of this program, you’ll be empowered to maximize your potential and live your ideal life.

Dissolving Obstacles for Women in Science

Your education and work experience taught you to excel in your field. You learned critical thinking and developed technical and analytical skills. You learned to please your advisors, then reviewers, then your boss and funders. Your skillset is off the charts.

But you’re not buzzing with the joy you imagined for your life because you weren’t taught to put yourself first. Combined with:

  • cultural conditioning that conflicts with your nature;
  • evolutionary wiring for survival; and 
  • well-meaning friends and family who impose their values on you… 

…it’s a recipe for living a constrained, inauthentic life.

I created the EMPOWER coaching program to dissolve these common obstacles for women in science so you have: 

  • all the resources you need to fully thrive; and
  • courage and confidence to live your most authentic life and go for your dreams.

Personal empowerment is the gateway to being...

If you're ready to live your ideal life, let's connect to discuss how I can support you in achieving your desired results.

A Few of Many Transformations Possible with EMPOWER Coaching


What's included with the EMPOWER Coaching Program?

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As your coach, my sole agenda is to help you achieve your desired results. Your success depends on your actions and efforts. And, trust and rapport are essential for an effective coaching partnership. If you attend all of your scheduled sessions and are not satisfied with my services for any reason, I will issue you a full refund for up to 60 days from the date of purchase.

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