Supporting your most fulfilled life.

“Brandee is an extraordinary coach who elevated me with clarity of career direction while also coaching the leader within. Every session we had, she progressed me forward with accountability and action, but also by creating a safe space to be heard, become aware, and grow.

She invests in your success and happiness and coaches with expertise, skill, and resources. For any woman leader who wants career, life, and leadership coaching, Brandee gives you all three. Thank you Brandee for your coaching and contagious enthusiasm and positivity.”    

 – Jodi K., Vancouver, B.C.

“Working with Brandee has been amazing. She has this incredibly positive, gentle energy and presence about her. Throughout our sessions, Brandee has held a sacred space for me to explore my own thoughts, motivations and perceived limitations.

She always asks me the right questions that allow me to witness all sides of me and come to my own best conclusions and solutions to issues I’m facing around meeting my goals. Even when I’m all over the place, she calmly helps me to organize my thoughts, step into my power and find motivation I didn’t even know I had before.

And if all this inner work wasn’t valuable enough, the coolest thing is she’s helped me reach a lot of my goals even despite some external forces that could have prevented me from succeeding.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Brandee– it will be the best investment you can make in yourself.”  

 – Agatha B., Atlanta, GA, USA

“Are you looking for someone to help you face your fears and make a big, bold move to improve your life? If so, Brandee Gerke is the coach for you. She is warm, practical, super caring and brilliant.

I’ve been working with Brandee to overcome some deep-rooted fears that have prevented me from taking important steps in my professional life. After only two sessions, Brandee asked some poignant questions that were essential to propel me forward.

Brandee is driven to deliver the best outcome for her clients. She is an inspirational leader who is passionate about helping people live their best lives and achieve what they were born to do.

Her support has been life-changing for me. I recommend her highly and will forever be grateful for her skillful coaching and guidance.”

 – Deborah B., New York, NY, USA

“When you first interact with Brandee you cannot miss her evident poise, positive energy and contagious sense of reassurance. She holds a notable mastering for scientific thinking in alignment with her great capacity for reflection and raising self-awareness. 

Through a bold and interactive method of questioning, she helped me craft a refined practice of who I am as a coach, what I bring forward to the world as well as articulating my niche and offering. Her work is subtle yet remarkable. From the first session, I felt I was in safe hands.”


 — Noora K., Tokyo, Japan

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