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A Bit About Me

I’m a marine conservation biologist turned personal coach on a mission to help women in science live their ideal lives.

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Before - Biologist
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After - Personal Coach for Women in Science

I have a bias for high quality work and a reformed habit of people pleasing. I used to run myself ragged meeting increasing demands at work with decreasing resources. The effects spilled over to my personal life – my vibrancy suffered. I decided my definition of success needed an update (read my full tipping-point story here).

Now, I guide my clients to their desired futures using leading-edge, science-based interventions for self-development and well-being.

My purpose is to position women in science to have sustainable careers doing what they love while maintaining vibrant health and living the well-rounded lives they crave. I help them live their dreams!

A Bit About My Ideal Life

I live life to the fullest by maximizing my potential and honoring my core values. My ideal life includes good health, strong relationships, new adventures, continual learning, joy, gratitude, service and diversity.


I’ve been in 2 bands.


To still my mind.


I played competitively for decades.


So fun and how I met my best friends.


My new jam. Became a certified bike mechanic in 2019.


So others may thrive in my community. What a boost it gives me too!


For grounding and suppleness.

Hiking &

My favorite way to recharge!


Good thing (I say in 2020)!


Nordic skate and alpine skiing keep me active in winter. 


I squeeze in drawing and painting each year to feed my creative spirit.


Every change I get (when there’s no pandemic).


Digging in the dirt is good for the soul.


I started playing coed ice hockey in my 30s.


The thrill of the catch never gets old! 


Keeps me strong for my active hobbies.

A Fun Fact

One of my life’s highlights so far was the experience of descending to 305 meters below sea in a 2 person submersible. Seeing sea life at that depth was thrilling but the experience of seeing bioluminescent zooplankton “rain down” on the sub as we ascended was absolutely mesmerizing!

image of brandee in a submersible

Why I Coach Women in Science

I entered coaching with the intention of specializing in health and wellness following the success of doing a 180 on mine. As I progressed through the whole-person coaching curriculum and learned more about positive psychology, neurobiology and coaching interventions my thinking expanded about the ways I could support people living their best lives.

I was struck by the fact that:

  • 22 years of formal education;
  • a 20-year career in marine science and management;
  • 30 years participating in team sports; and
  • an 18 month-long intensive leadership development program

had not taught me how to be personally empowered to live my ideal life with full authenticity. To the contrary, I had been conditioned against it. 

image of sunbeams through clouds

Talk about a Eureka! moment. And, once you know how to be empowered to authentically live your ideal life you cannot un-know it!

As I gained experience coaching, I noticed common obstacles for women reaching their goals and they frequently differed from obstacles for men (this is not news). As I worked with women in science professions I learned that many of us are struggling with the same challenges (you are a trooper because until these confidential sessions, I had no idea. I thought everyone else had it dialed). 

So, I can tell you that other women have the same challenges and desire for more fulfilling and balanced futures with less stress and more joy, ease, growth and advancement. And many, if not all, of these challenges can be resolved through coaching. 

It occurred to me that supporting women in science to be empowered to live their desired lives is 100% personally-aligned with the side benefit of increasing equity in career trajectories for women in science. And goodness knows the world could use some more of that!

For sure, institutional and societal challenges exist for women in science, though, I’m hopeful they’re shifting. And the good news is there is so much more within your influence and ability to control that you haven’t been taught!

Research shows that: 

  • the support of someone who believes in your success increases your probability of success, and
  • people who receive professional coaching have higher rates of success than people who self-coach.

That is my mission and my why. To provide that support, belief and space of possibility and guide women into their untapped power so they may enjoy success and live their dreams!

What Sets Me Apart From Other Coaches

Share a Similar Journey

A primary motivation for my work is to be the person for you that I needed through various phases of my career and life. My support will accelerate your growth and success.

Proven Leader

Leadership is one of my top core character strengths. I have a track record of effective leadership. Per research, client outcomes are positively correlated with a coaches’ leadership ability.

Globally-Recognized Standards

As an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified-coach, I’ve received the highest quality training and I apply high competency and ethical standards in my work.

Committed to Service

My highest priority as a coach is to create excellent value and experiences for my clients. I’m committed to service and I adapt my approach to be effective according to each client’s learning styles and motivational preferences.

Committed to Your Growth

I’m committed to facilitating your growth by allowing you to lead the way and advise yourself with your complete, innate wisdom. You’ll learn how to tap into and trust your inner-guidance.

Committed to Learning

I’m committed to continual learning, and bound by the ICF, to complete accredited, continuing education on effective coaching methods.

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